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Hi Kim, I'm doing better today, but let me tell you about my weekend. Last week, my man and I got into an argument. He feels I'm too dependent on him. I told him, "My Mama didn't raise no fool. If I want something, I can get it on my own and trust I don't want for anything." I let him know he's here by choice, not because I need him, followed by, "Don't get mad at me because I'm strong and independent, Boo Boo!"

Well, this weekend, I called myself taking a drive off the beaten path, and my car broke down. Can you believe this ninja had the nerve to leave me out there when my car broke down? He asked me to tell him again about the fool my Mama didn't raise. I was pissed! I cursed him from A-Z. How dare he leave me out there?! I could have been killed! He was talking about, "Since you dont want for anything, I bet you want a mechanic!" I told him to stop playing games! I begged him to get me. He told me he couldn't because he was too busy at home, being mad that I was strong and independent.

I had to call a tow truck to get me out there. I haven't spoken to him since. What do you think? Should I break up with him?


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