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David's (my husband) college roommate (Gregg) came to town, and they met for lunch. I caught up with them after work and was formally introduced to Gregg. He went on and on about the good ole college days and how he and David would get into all kinds of mischief. Listening to how Gregg talked about David, I can see they were joined at the hip during their time in school. We invited Gregg back to our apartment for dinner and wine. After which, we all walked into the kitchen, where the conversations continued down memory lane, but we were tipsy and started acting silly. Gregg thanks David for being his friend all these years and, to my surprise, places a kiss directly on David's lips.

I'm waiting quietly for David's reaction. I was curious if he would punch Gregg or reciprocate the kiss. David chose the latter. I stood there motionless, not understanding what I was witnessing, so I walked over and kissed them both. The three of us continued kissing each other, and then we removed our clothes. Gregg made love to David as David made love to me. It felt good. I had no idea that David was sexually fluid or bisexual. I watched his face as he enjoyed Gregg, which made it difficult for him to focus on pleasing me. Strangely, it turned me on. What does this mean for us? What does this mean for me? It looks as if David and Gtregg may have had more than just a plutonic relationship in college. Will this be our new norm? Or will there be nothing but regret once we sober up? I'm so confused. How do I approach this conversation with David in the morning?


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