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Rappers Travis Scott and Tyga allegedly erupt in brawl. The fight occurred at a Ritchie Akiva event in Cannes, France, and was initiated by Cher's boyfriend, Alexander "AE" Edwards. Scott and Tyga were hanging out behind the DJs when Akiva grabbed the mic and proceeded to give a shout-out. Sources state that Travis Scott didn't appear too happy that Kylie Jenner's Ex-Boyfriend, Tyga, was included in a shout-out with him. While Akiva is giving the shout-out is given, Travis snatches the mic from Akiva's hands, triggering AE to step in and address the disrespect. Scott left the stage and may have said a few words to Tyga's security while exiting. Scott returns with friend Southside, who approaches AE. They allegedly begin tussling, prompting Scott to pull AE off Southside, almost falling off the stage. Security broke up the fight, and Travis and Southside left the party. A visibly annoyed Akiva addressed his guest about the altercation while Tyga and AE were seen enjoying the rest of their evening as if nothing ever happened.


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