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Rapper Cam'ron was invited to speak on Abby Philip's show about the alleged Sean "Diddy" Combs assault on Cassandra "Cassie" Ventura. And let's say things went left. When Cam'ron was asked if Diddy had a reputation for how he treated his artists, Cam'ron decided to use his moment on CNN to promote his Pink Horse Power Sexual Supplement drink. On live national television, Cam'ron downs a bottle and responds to Abby's question with, "Sorry, I'm going to get some cheeks after this Horse Power energy joint," flashes the front of the bottle to the camera, then proceeds to put the bottle down. Abby is baffled but allows Cam'ron the opportunity to respond. Cam'ron says that he didn't know Diddy and would have to double down on any comments made by Rapper Mason "Mase" Betha, who not only knew Diddy but was also signed to his record label. Cam'ron stated that viewers could catch Mase on their podcast, "It Is What It Is," where they can hear Mase's thoughts. Abby, visibly annoyed, continues with the interview, asking Cam'ron another question about Diddy. An agitated Cam'ron responds, "Who's the talent agent for this joint?" Cam'ron wants no part in an interview about Diddy. Abby gracefully thanks Cam'ron for his time, and the interview ends. This was clearly, a recipe for disaster.


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