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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

NYFW ended with a phenomenal fashion show by Yelestiches at the RL Hotel. Yelestiches brings her home to the runway with a collection that will have you screaming for more! Her collection screams colorful, vibrant and fun. The vendors, the food and the ambiance was amazing. Her collection was giving Home Away from Home. I loved every bit of it.

Yelestitches is the beautiful creation of Abisola Omoyele (Yele) Adelusi. But who is Yele? Well, she is a Nigerian-born designer living in Baltimore, MD with a passion for all things fashion!

Yele was born in Lagos, but her childhood home is in Akute, Ogun State. She shared space with her father and three siblings. She was born in the house her parents built and owned. Therefore, her parents gave her the middle name “Omoyele”, which means “a child beautifies the home”. Hence, the brand name.

Fashion design piqued Yele’s interest because she could never find clothes that represented her own style. She eventually started shopping on her own and taking them to the tailor for the right look and fit. Her friend’s mother owned a tailoring shop and after many consistent visits took Yele under her wing to learn how to create clothes for herself using the sewing machine. YouTube University assisted with the acceleration of her learning pattern making, combining fabrics and so much more. Soon her unique designs were in demand from friends and family. Yele followed her personal motto “Fortune favors the prepared” when expanding Yele Stitches into the US from her studio in Baltimore, MD.

Though she attributes much of her success to her Christ, her husband, and mentor Ugochi Iwuaba, she prepared for this journey to transform the entire fashion industry into believing African Fashion is Luxury Fashion.

Yele trusts that her hard work and God will expand her territory to even dress Issa Rae, Yvonne Orgi, Antonia Okafur, and Uzo Aduba for red carpet appearances.

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