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"It's crazy because a guy I used to work with gave me that name. How I got on [the] radio for me was being at the right place at the right time.


I was at a listening party when someone invited my former co-host and I to appear on their show as guests.


After one time being on [the] radio, we were offered the opportunity to host our very own show. The Kim Dynasty Show was created when my former co-host decided to walk away from [the] radio.


I was forced to rise to the occasion and produce a show of my own. I would book the talent and base the show around different segments.​"


Kim Dynasty


"To be honest, Dynasty Radio NY was created out of frustration.


I didn't have the creative freedom I was looking for to continue building the relationships I had developed in the music industry.


I wanted to create a space to promote creatives and help them connect to the music industry and I couldn't do that on someone else's platform.

My goal was to provide content creators with a platform to network, learn, grow, develop, and be celebrated with industry professionals."

"We are a progressive, urban contemporary digital media platform based in NY."


Our format is designed to blend Fashion, Music, and Entertainment. Dynasty Radio NY broadcasts music such as Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul, from emerging and existing artists.


We set ourselves apart from other digital platforms by breaking new content and providing a platform for creators to excel.


The content is carefully selected from submissions and referrals then added to our site."


"I'm inspired by my guests, their stories, their ambitions, and their motivation. Listening and watching them develop drives me to do more. I want to provide a path for creatives to navigate the music industry.


Therefore, I watch what's relevant to the industry, looking for the industry insiders who can provide artists with the most insight. 


You have one life to live. All the other lives are taken.


Bet on yourself.


You're going to have people who love you and people who hate you. At the end of the day, how you feel about yourself is all that matters."


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