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A$AP FERG on the set of his music video Off White Rose

July 4th A$AP Ferg brought the fireworks! Following in his father's footsteps, A$AP Ferg is no beginner in the fashion industry. The member of A$AP Mob is continuing his father's legacy by teaming up with Awake New York to debut their new collection.

ASAP Mob (stylized as A$AP Mob) is a hip-hop collective in Harlem, New York City. The collective is known for its distinctive style that blends hip-hop with fashion and art. It has significantly influenced music and fashion and is known for its trendsetting styles and innovative music production. Ferg is one of the group's most prominent members.

Darold Ferguson Jr., or (A$AP) Ferg, born October 20, 1988, is known for his energetic style and distinctive voice. In 2013, Ferg gained recognition with his debut mixtape, "Trap Lord," which included hits like "Work" and "Shabba." He has since released several albums and mixtapes, establishing himself as a significant figure in the hip-hop scene. In addition to his music career, Ferg is also involved in fashion and has collaborated with various brands. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Ferg Sr., the founder of Ferg Apparel, a boutique store in Harlem, was one of New York City's most talented silkscreen artists. A Harlem native, Ferg Sr. was a beacon of the community and responsible for providing bus trips for adults and youth to attend some of the hottest parties and events he would throw throughout New York.

He started by making hand-painted shirts for well-known street names and music labels and later worked under Dapper Dan. His real exposure came when he designed the logo for Andre Harrell and his record label, Uptown Records. Following that, he became the artist behind some of the entertainment industry's most recognizable designs, having worked with The Cosby Show, Terry Cohens, Shaquille O'Neal, Sean Combs (he created the Bad Boy logo), and more. Throughout his life, he touched many with his passion, artistic charisma, and visionary leadership. His legacy will live forever through his family and others.

Fast forward to 2024, Ferg collaborates with Awake NY to produce a collection merging Uptown with Downtown. Awake NY is the brainchild of Queens native Angelo Baque. Reflecting the diversity that continues to define the city's landscape, Awake NY draws on many of Baque's influences to capture the spirit and sensibility of the five boroughs.

Keeping up with D. Ferg, Sr's spirit, Ferg, Jr. hosted his annual cookout and shot the video for his new song, "Off White Rose." Harlem's very own Ron Browz produced it and featured The Voice of Harlem and DJ Webstar. Ferg shut the block down, creating a music frenzy with fans. Guest appearances by Lil' Yachty and the legendary Dapper Dan can be seen in the making of the video.


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