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The XXL Freshman Class is an annual feature by XXL magazine highlighting up-and-coming hip-hop artists. The primary goal is to identify and showcase emerging rappers poised to impact the hip-hop industry significantly. This will give these artists a platform to reach a broader audience.

Being selected for the XXL Freshman Class is considered a significant accolade in the hip-hop community. It can influence the careers of the chosen artists by increasing their visibility and credibility. The feature includes interviews, cyphers, freestyles, and photoshoots, and it is extensively promoted through XXL’s magazine, website, and social media channels. This multi-faceted exposure helps the artists build their brand and fan base. The list serves as a barometer for industry insiders, fans, and critics to gauge which new artists are gaining momentum and might shape the future of hip-hop.

The XXL Freshman Class has become a cultural touchstone in hip-hop. Discussions, debates, and predictions about who will be included and how well the artists will do after being featured are common, making it a significant annual event. For many artists, being included in the XXL Freshman Class is a milestone in their career. It often coincides with the release of new music and can be a launch pad for further success. Overall, the XXL Freshman Class recognizes and boosts new talent, influences the hip-hop industry, and contributes to the ongoing conversation about the genre’s direction and evolution.


  1. BigXthaPlug

  2. That Mexican OT

  3. Lay Bankz

  4. BossMan Dlow

  5. Rich Amiri

  6. ScarLip

  7. Hunxho

  8. 4batz

  9. Maiya The Don

  10. Cash Cobain

  11. Skilla Baby


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