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A talent ahead of her time growing up in Paterson, NJ where music made a huge Impact from Hip Hop to R & B every Saturday at the well know CCP Recreation Center (Christopher Columbus Project), Shanell "RED" Irving at the age of 14 would sneak in to watch rap groups like Force MD's, LL Cool J, Whodini, Cold Crush Brothers, and Run DMC because rapping was her passion. She was inspired the day she heard "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang and "Do You Wanna Rock" by Sequence, which back then had member Angie B, better known as (Angie Stone). It was at that moment Shanell made the conscious decision to become a singer and songwriter.

Determined to make her mark in music, Shanell answered to several business opportunities, while establishing both professional and personal relationships, she went from managing KRS1, The Fushnickens & Adeva, to hanging out with Force MD's, Cut Master DC, D-Moet, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and RIFF to name a few. Her love for music along with absorbing what she could from the artist she hung with encouraged her to form her female group: "Thik" (pronounced Thick). Presenting great talent and with the use of her connections, the group got a label deal with Pocket Town/EMI.

Writing and producing their songs, as well as helping their label mates like Billie Lawrence and Crucial Conflict, helped to enhance their status as the next writing phenomenon. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the label folded, and "Thik" was without a record deal. Members of the group decided to go their separate ways except for Shanell and Tenesha, who seemed to share a strong faith and believed that more doors would open.

In 2002 "Big Drawz Music" was established and the powerful writing duo immediately began writing with well-established producers in the industry. Producers like Eristopher, The Characters (Troy Taylor & Charles Farrar), Rockwilder, D-Moet, and Dwayne Bastiany started to experience the duo's amazing talent and impeccable writing skills. In less than 3 months, their manager assisted in securing the ladies their first publishing deal as the first female writing duo to sign with Warner Chappell Music Group. Best known for their writings on Jaheim, Charlie Wilson, Faith Evans, Chris Brown, Trin I Tee 5:7, Emily King, Destiny's Child, and Trey Songz.

This "Dynamic Duo" as quoted by Tyrese Gibson, has also been recognized for the help in securing record deals for Trey Songz, Emily King, and Bayje. While exercising her passion for songwriting and her niche for artist development, Shanell joined forces with Jonathan "JJ" Jennings of The Professionallz and together they formed PHATT HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT LABEL.

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