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BET+ and Octet Productions have teamed to create Big Fifty: The DelRhonda Hood Story and the film was nothing short of incredible.

DelRhonda "Big Fifty" Hood was first featured on BET+ American Gangster: Trap Queens; A new installment of the critically acclaimed American Gangster series that examines the lives and the legend behind some of America's most notorious female criminals.

The story takes you on a rollercoaster and covers topics such as sexual trauma, gender roles, and double standards.

"She was real, faults, flaws and all. She did what she had to do to survive and take care of her family." ~ Berry Sweet

The star-studded cast and crew hit the red carpet included Rapper Remy Ma, R&B sensation Tank, Michael Anthony, Rolanda Rochel, Vena "Pretty Vee" Excell, Ta'Rhonda Jones and, Mike Merrill just to name a few.

Big Fifty ends up running her drug empire, becoming one of Detroit's wealthiest and notorious women in the process. With her success, she discovers that money doesn't fix all of her problems, and she can only depend on herself if she wants to stay one step ahead of the law and stay alive. The story of DelRhonda "Big Fifty" Hood, goes from running her drug empire in Detroit to finding redemption.

Director: Russ Parr

Producer: Bree West and Chuck West

Writer: Gabrielle Collins

Production: Octet Productions

Streaming: BET+

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