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Dynasty Radio NY loves making an artist, content creator, or company's goals come to fruition through music.

As a digital platform with a pulse on art, music, visual media, and technology, we make sure every aspect of an artist, account, or campaign is handled efficiently from inception to completion through direct communication, transparency, and best practices.

We help connect the dots, educate and simplify the industry so consumers can be ahead of the game.

Welcome to Dynasty Radio NY's Artist Development Educational Series, where we will explore how to protect an artist's intellectual property, market, and promote their work and brand.

Music topics include:

  • Copyright

  • Publishing

  • Royalties

  • Sampling

  • Management

  • Public Relations

  • Brand Deals

  • Sync Licensing

  • Reality Television

  • Social Media

  • Distribution

  • Streaming

  • Label Deals

  • Music Review

To register, please click the link below:

Jonathan Torres
Shanell Red
Andre Barnes
Darnell King
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